Garnet-I (9992892) is a naturally occurring almandite garnet, the hardest of all known garnet types. All grades have a Moh’s hardness of 8, with a specific gravity of 4.1.

Used For:

  • Garnet-I is available in all of the sizes required by industry today for dry blasting in shipyards, pulp and paper mills, and fabrication shops, waterjet cutting, filtration, and polymer mortars or surface coatings.
  • The angular to sub-angular particle size is proven to be very fast cutting and provides a super clean surface for protective coating applications.
  • Garnet-I is chemically inert, with less than 1% free silica and no heavy metals.
  • Garnet-I is recoverable and reusable.

Classified by Fisheries and Oceans as:

  • Having moderate to low toxicity to fish, i.e. 96-h LC50 > 100 mg/L (Test value was >70,000 mg/L).
  • Not known to be persistent and not likely to accumulate in animal tissues.

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 40 bags/pallet
  • 1 mt 1,000 kg Bulk Bag 1/pallet