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Fondu Expanding Grout - A Cold Weather Grout

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TARGET® Fondu Expanding Grout - A Cold Weather Grout (9991125) - TARGET® Fondu Expanding Grout consists of accurately weighed high alumina cement, fine aggregate and shrinkage compensating admixtures. The product is designed to be used as dry pack, plastic or flowable grout. In normal temperature ranges of 10° C to 24° C (50° F to 75 °F), the grout will have a slight expansion prior to final set. The grout contains no chlorides or accelerators and is proportioned to provide a maximum water/cement ratio of 0.4 when added water does not exceed the maximum specified.

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 56 bags/pallet
  • Permanently anchoring highway furniture such as posts, signs, parking meters.
  • Permanently fixing anchor bolts, columns, railings and other fixtures in concrete, rock or masonry.
  • Low temperature grouting. In certain situations TARGET Fondu Expanding Grout can be used at ambient temperatures as low as -5° C (23° F). Contact TARGET Products Ltd for details of grouting procedures at temperatures below 10° C (50°F).
Approximate water requirements are:
  • DRY PACK 2.7 litres (6.0 lb) per 25 kg (55 lb) bag
  • PLASTIC 3.8 litres (8.4 lb) per 25 kg (55 lb) bag
  • FLUID 4.9 litres (10.8 lb) per 25 kg (55 lb) bag
  • ft³/bag = Fluid 0.46; Plastic 0.45; Dry pack 0.43

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