On-Site Dry-Shotcrete Production at Cluff Lake Mine

North Saskatchewan

Project: Cluff Lake mine consumed about 6,000 metric tones of shotcrete per year and was looking to both save on freight and eliminate bulk bag handling and costs.
Year: 1999
Owner: Cogema Resources
Contractor: TMCC – Thyssen Mining
Client: Cogema Resources
Volume: Approximately 6,000 metric tones per year
Operation: Target Products, along with its JV company Cindercrete Mining Supplies, designed and built a dry shotcrete plant now operational at Cluff Lake.

  • Shotcrete Concentrate (a mixture of cement and all necessary admixtures) shipped from Saskatoon for maximum quality control.
  • 100 metric ton shotcrete silo allows the plant operator to leave for the weekend.
  • Shotcrete available 24 hours per day.
  • Shotcrete loaded directly into bulk carrier trucks eliminating bulk bags and pallets.
  • Cluff Lake shotcrete plant, dryer, and elevated shotcrete silos

  • Loading bulk shotcrete truck before going underground

  • Loading of shotcrete auger truck at Cluff Lake

  • Shotcrete auger truck discharging directly into the shotcrete machine, eliminating bulk bag handling and costs