Technology and innovation is what advances industries—the building materials industry is no exception. The SPEC MIX® organization initiated the charge to revolutionize the cement-based construction products segment of the commercial construction industry by utilizing computer batching systems and material delivery systems that is now the standard for quality assurance and performance. Traditional jobsite material mixing methods had their place—but that was many years ago when no one had a better strategy—until SPEC MIX®, Inc. took the reins. Today they’re still leading the preblended cementitious products industry and wear the heavyweight belt proudly.

Today and in the future, whenever there is a need or challenge in the construction industry, the SPEC MIX® team is the first to accept the call for action. The team constantly collaborates with architects, engineers and contractors of all types and sizes to create and implement project solutions. With over 40 production facilities in the U.S. and Canada as well as 80-plus market representatives that are all backed by our technical department support specialists, and are highly motivated and qualified to help you get the job done right with the best materials, productivity and safety.

Industrial Mortar Division

If you’re a masonry contractor and tired of mixing your industrial mortar to specifications, through our network of distributors, we can supply you with a storage silo and pre-mixed Spec Mix industrial mortar. Since Target acquired a Spec Mix license, many masons have realized cost and time savings by utilizing this new system.

Target acquired a SPEC MIX® license in 2007 and sales have grown unbelievably fast. The Masons have realized the cost and time savings to their companies and have taken to the Spec Mix Silo system. This picture shows our silos in place on a job site (the project is Lawrence Grassi Middle School expansion) in Canmore, Alberta.

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Catalog Sheets & SDS

Our technical catalog has been prepared to acquaint our customers with the various products being manufactured and marketed by Target Products Ltd. Detailed information is offered to assist architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors and others in the selection and correct use of our products. Procedure and precautions in the use of the various products are given together with typical properties.

Masonry Products Distributors