Target Products Ltd enjoys the distinction of being the leader in the Industrial Products market since 1961, and has vast experience in the production of high-end grouts, floor levellers, repair materials, specialized cement mixes and Industrial Mortars, by utilising the latest in concrete technology.

Target’s quality products perform routinely and consistently, on large commercial projects and smaller projects in everyday use. As a market leader in the concrete industry, Target is dedicated to improving and advancing our products for the betterment of the company and its future, and the success of our customers remains foremost.

All Target’s products are quality control tested by both our in-house lab technicians and through independent testing.

Target on Floors

When it’s time to repair concrete floors it’s time to focus on Target Products. From underlayments to bridge deck and warehouse repairs Targets’ line of concrete patching and repair systems get the job done with a minimum of expense and maximum performance. As with all our materials Targets’ commitment to quality and affordability is evident in every bag. Our varied products line is designed to match the right product for your application.


If your heavy machinery faces demanding conditions, place it on a premium quality, non-metallic, non-shrink grout from Target Products. We can supply grout for a wide range of applications such as those in the pulp and paper, mining, marine and petrochemical industries.

Industrial Product Guide

Quality Assurance

The key to success in any endeavor is quality control. Target Products makes a firm commitment to the quality of its products. We use both in-house quality control programs and independent laboratory cross checks to provide the maximum in quality assurance.

Catalog Sheets & SDS

Our technical catalog has been prepared to acquaint our customers with the various products being manufactured and marketed by Target Products Ltd. Detailed information is offered to assist architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors and others in the selection and correct use of our products. Procedure and precautions in the use of the various products are given together with typical properties.

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