Target Products provides many concrete and concrete repair products for the homeowner and contractor market. By combining the cement, sands, aggregates and additives into one package these products give the end user the convenience of just adding water.

The QUIKRETE® consumer products (D-I-Y) are available at your local home building center / lumberyard dealer stores. If you are unable to find our products, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

Maintaining the value of a home means keeping up with repairs. Homeowners look to Target Products for the product that can do the job. We manufacture concrete crack filler that easily flows into cracks, bonding well to the surrounding concrete. Our exterior stucco patch restores broken, cracked, or damaged stucco. Our anchoring cement set can hold posts, rails, and bolts into concrete. QUIKRETE® consumer products meet the needs of do-it-yourselfers. Click to view How-To Videos.

Need for different products

Why so many different products?” Cement products are used in different applications. Some are applied at a 3-4″ thickness; some approximately 1-2″ and some very thin at only 0-1″. The thicker you apply your product the coarser the sand and gravel have to be to hold it together. Example: in concrete we use fine sands but also 3/8″ rock because it is used up to 4″ in thickness. Although the 3/8″ rock stabilizes the mix and reduces cracking at 4″ thick, the 3/8″ rock does not allow it to trowel thinly. However, in our Bonded Topping Mix we use very fine sand so it can be trowelled to a fine, featheredge. Because there is no rock in Bonded Topping Mix, its application thickness must not be more than 1/2 inch. If applied any thicker, it would crack.

ProductThicknessStrengthSet Time
Concrete Mix
In excess of 2″ thickness2500 psi 7 days
4000 psi 27 days
4-5 hours
PSI 6000
In excess of 2″ thickness2000 psi 24 hours
4000 psi 7 days
6000 psi 28 days
4-5 hours
Foot traffic in 8 hours
QUIKRETE® Sand/Topping Mix1/2″ to 2″3000 psi 10 days
5000 psi 28 days
4-5 hours
Bonded Topping Mix
Featheredge to 1/2″5000 psi 28 days90 minutes
Foot traffic in 2.5 hours

Catalog Sheets & SDS

Our Consumer Product Guide has been prepared to acquaint our customers with the various products being manufactured and marketed by Target Products Ltd. Detailed information is offered to assist architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors and others in the selection and correct use of our products. For detailed procedures, precautions and typical properties, see individual spec sheets and safety data sheets in the online product catalog

Consumer Product Guide

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