Ciment Fondu®

CIMENT FONDU® (9994014) is the world’s first commercially manufactured calcium aluminate cement. The initial preparation was in response to the demand for sulfate resistant cement. Since then, subsequent research and product development revealed other properties of the cement that transformed it from being simply a sulfate-resistant cement into a binder for specialized applications that depend on its chemical, mineralogical and physical properties. It has also led to the development of a family of calcium aluminate products, with a wide range of properties that can fulfill many industrial requirements.

Used For:

  • It is ideally suited for refractory and construction chemistry applications. The primary mineralogical phase is calcium aluminate (CaAl₂O₄), which imparts excellent mechanical strength to mortars and concretes.
  • It is suitable for refractory applications where iron oxide can be tolerated (non-reducing atmospheres).
  • It is also recommended for use in products requiring rapid hardening, resistance to abrasion, mechanical shock, intermediate temperature exposure or where other high-performance properties are required of cement.


  • CIMENT FONDU® is a hydraulic binder with an alumina content of approximately 40%. Composed mainly of calcium aluminate.
  • CIMENT FONDU® is a very dark gray color. Colorimetry data is available on request.
  • CIMENT FONDU® does not contain any additives.and does not contain crystalline silica.

Available In:

  • 43 kg (94 lb) 45 bags/pallet