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EPC® BarChip 54


BarChip 54 (99940178) from Elasto Plastic Concrete, is a high performance structural synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement, optimised for sprayed concrete (shotcrete).


  • For structural use in concrete, mortar and grout


  • Comprehensive design and technical support
  • Redistributes load – increased ductility / toughness
  • Eliminates corrosion – long term durability
  • Eliminates set-up of steel mesh
  • 70% reduction in carbon footprint compared to steel
  • Safer and lighter to handle than steel
  • Reduced wear on concrete pumps and hoses
  • Reduced cycle times and maintenance closure
  • BarChip fibre is UV stabilised to resist solar deterioration
  • Weather proof packaging on multi-stack UPVC pallets

Available In:

  • 5 kg Bag