HPC High Performance Cement Products

HPC FastSet™ Concrete Mix

FastSet™ HPC Concrete Mix (158753) is a fast-setting, fast-hardening concrete.
Fast-setting, fast-hardening concrete mix. Ready for use within a few hours of final setting. Ideal for any job requiring rapid commissioning. Strength of 20.7 MPa at 3 hours and 48.3 MPa at 28 days.

Used for:
This product is designed to build or repair concrete driveways, highways, bridge decks, concrete parking lots, concrete floors and sidewalks. In most cases, traffic can resume a few hours after the concrete has set. Use at any thickness from 50 mm to 610 mm (2 in. to 24 in.). FastSet™ Concrete Mix has less shrinkage than ordinary Portland cement concrete. The addition of a corrosion inhibitor has no adverse effect on the product’s other physical properties.


  • Rapid setting and curing
  • Ready for use a few hours after final set
  • Application thickness from 51 mm to 610 mm (2 in. to 24 in.)
  • 20.7 MPa (3000 PSI) @ 3 hours
  • Approx. 15 minutes

Available in:
25 kg (55 lb) bag