MAXIBLAST® 9992471 holds a solid place in the North American market because of its unparalleled quality.

Uses & Advantages:

Recommended for cleaning rust, paint or scale on steel


  • Best performing product in its category
  • Low dust emission
  • Clean faster requiring less product
  • Contains less than 0.1% free silica
  • Compliant with SSPC-AB1 and MIL-A-22262B (SH) standards

Physical Properties:
Particle shape: Angular
Color: Black
Hardness: 7.0 – 7.5 MOHS
Density: 112 lb/ft³ – 1794 kg/m³
Specific gravity: 3.5
Specific granulometries available on demand

Available in:

  • Maxiblast 20/40 1814 kg (4000 lb) bulk bag, 1 per pallet
    Also available in 22.6 kg (50 lb) bags 63 bags per pallet