Crack Sealants

QUIKRETE® Polyurethane Self-Leveling Sealant

QUIKRETE® Polyurethane Self-Leveling Sealant (No. 866012 & 866032) is a high-performance, construction grade, polyurethane sealant, used for sealing cracks and joints in horizontal concrete surfaces. Self-leveling formula provides superior adhesion, flexibility and durability. Meets ASTM C 920 Type S, Grade P, Class 25.

Used For:

  • Waterproofing horizontal expansion joints in sidewalks, driveways, industrial floors, parking decks, etc.
  • A variety of general purpose joint sealing applications.
  • End dams in glazing systems.
  • Flashing & below grade waterproofing membranes.
  • Basements.
  • Pool decks.


  • It offers primer-less adhesion to most common materials in the building industry. It has been specifically developed for flowing into horizontal crevices and ideal for general purpose horizontal sealing applications. It is non-staining, resistant to moisture and staining, and has virtually no shrinkage.

Available In:

  • 300 ml (12 per case)
  • 858 ml (6 per case)