Concrete Repair

TARGET® Polymer Bonding Agent

TARGET® Polymer Bonding Agent (9994205-3.8 L / 9994200-20 L) is an aqueous emulsion of a polymer and chemical admixtures. It is designed for use as a bonding agent with concrete and cement-based products in interior or exterior applications. In addition, it is also designed for use as a modifier in mortars and concretes to develop increased tensile, flexural and bond strengths. The use of TARGET® Polymer Bonding Agent in concretes and shotcretes also gives significant improvements in resistance to penetration by chlorides and de-icing salts. After curing, it is not re-emulsifiable.

Used For:

  • Bonding slurry coats or primers applied to existing concrete before placing overlays or patches.
  • Concrete or mortar overlays, patches and levelling coats.
  • Shotcrete or gunite.
  • Bonding mortars such as tile setting mortars.
  • Pointing mortars, stucco and Portland cement plaster.
  • Parge coats for concrete.

Available In:

  • 3.8 L Pail (9994205)
  • 20 L Pail (9994200)