Concrete Repair

TARGET® Vertical Overhead (V/O) Repair Mortar

TARGET® Vertical Overhead (V/O) Repair Mortar (9991134) is a single component, polymer modified and fast setting mortar. It is a premixed product containing accurately measured quantities of hydraulic cement, graded sand, polymers and other admixtures. It is formulated for repairing of overhead and vertical surfaces. The ratios of the components are controlled to give a product with excellent adhesion; non-sagging, rapid strength gain and shrinkage compensate properties.

Used For:

  • Vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • Balconies and columns.
  • Parking structures, Bridges, Retaining walls and other general stalled areas.
  • Deteriorated or un-even precast or cast in place and steel reinforced concrete.
  • Repair of honeycombed surfaces.
  • In surfaces requiring Class C1 Exposure Classification (CSA A23.1-04).
  • Below grade or Immersion service.


  • One component – easy mixing and handling.
  • High early strength.
  • Very low permeability to resist moisture and chloride intrusion.
  • Excellent bond to properly prepared substrates.
  • Shrinkage compensated and shrinkage is low when the appropriate water content is added.
  • Color that matches existing concrete.

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 56 bags/pallet