Concrete Mixes

TARGET® 30 MPa Concrete Mix

TARGET® 30 MPa Concrete Mix (bulk mix only)  is suitable for projects requiring normal setting time with quick strength development after final set has occurred, and where a 30 MPa final strength is required. (@ 28 days)

Used For:

  • Commercial Slabs
  • Parking Structures
  • Deck Supports
  • Curbs
  • Footings
  • Foundations
  • Patching Existing Concrete


  • When mixed with water and placed in accordance with directions, Target 30 Mpa results in a concrete with rapid initial strength gain and high final strength.
  • May be made with or without air-entrainment to provide superior durability where the concrete will be exposed to cycles of freezing and thawing.
  • Approximately 4,300 psi (30.0 MPa) in 28 days.
  • Remains workable for up to two hours
  • Sets in about five hours at 15 to 20°C (60 to 68°F).

Available In | Yield/Coverage:

  • 1680 kg (3700 lb) BB = 1 cu yard
  • 1134 kg (2500 lb) BB.