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TARGET® SUPERSTICK® Accelerated Shotcrete


TARGET® Superstick Accelerated Shotcrete is a rapid setting quality shotcrete designed for dry process application. Aggregates used in Target Accelerated Superstick Shotcrete is blended to ACI 506R-90 gradation requirements. It is available in either ACI Gradation N° 2 (medium) or Gradation N° 1 (fine) aggregate gradations.

TARGET Accelerated SUPERSTICK® SHOTCRETE is made with accurately mass-batched blends of Portland cement, silica fume, sand, coarse aggregate and Target Set Accelerator. Fibers, both steel and synthetic can be added.


TARGET Accelerated Superstick Shotcrete can be used in a wide range of civil engineering and mining applications. Typical areas of use include:

  • Mining applications, including ground support and lining of portals, shafts, drifts,raises, loading pockets, ore passes and underground chambers.
  • Ground support and slope stabilization.
  • Tunnel and shaft lining.
  • Construction of retaining walls.
  • Rehabilitation of deteriorated infrastructure, including bridges, dams, sewers, canals and cooling towers.
  • Repair of deteriorated marine structures including wharves, jetties, piles and sea walls.
  • Repair of deteriorated buildings and structures such as parking structures, grain silos, pulp and paper mills and chemical handling facilities.
  • Lining of swimming pools, reservoirs, canals, syphons and pipelines.


  • Supply of a precision mass-batched mixture produced to stringent quality control standards.
  • Ease of application, particularly in difficult to access or remote locations.
  • Elimination or reduction of formwork.
  • Greater thickness of build-up in a single pass relative to conventional shotcrete,
  • Substantial reductions in rebound.
  • Reduction in construction time.
  • Superior bond to (properly prepared) surfaces.
  • Elimination of secondary reinforcing steel or mesh when fiber reinforcement isincluded in the mixture.
  • High early and later age strengths and low permeability.

Available In:

  • 500 kg to 1680 kg Bulk Bag/pallet
  • 30 kg (66 lb) 56 Bags/pallet