Mortar & Masonry Products

TARGET® Block Fill Grout

TARGET® Block Fill Grout (9991543) is a dry, pre-blended mix containing cementitious materials and dried aggregates. It is formulated to provide superior flow to fill masonry voids and meets ASTM C476 requirements for reinforced masonry construction. Using it in conjunction with existing reinforcement will produce a structurally sound final wall system for reinforced masonry construction

Used For:

  • Filling Masonry Blocks.
  • Pumped or poured applications.
  • When grout space is smaller than 4″ (100 mm) in either direction.


  • Batch to batch consistency.
  • Laboratory tested mix designs, per ASTM C476.
  • Preblended to minimize labor costs.
  • Complements any grout placement system.
  • Eliminates demurrage charges.
  • No minimum load requirements.
  • Dependable availability.
  • No sand pebbles or wasted materials.

Available In:

  • ~1,588 kg Bulk Bag/pallet
  • 36 kg (80 lb) 42 Bags/pallet
  • ~1,360 kg Bulk Bag/pallet