Mortar & Masonry Products

TARGET® BONDMIX™ Industrial Mortar Type S and N

TARGET® BONDMIX™ Type S (9991574) and Type N (9991573) is a specially blended Portland Cement/Lime based mortar mix that, when prepared properly, will result in a mortar that conforms to the Property Specification requirements of ASTM C 270 and CSA A179 (Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry). It is available in 36 kg (80 lb) bags. Upon request, it is also available in 1,360 kg (3,000 lb) Bulk Bags.

Used for:

  • It is appropriate for use with brick and concrete block. Properties and uses of mortar vary with specific mortar type. Each bag is stamped with the mortar mix type as specified by ASTM C270-05 and CSA A179-04.


  • Preblended with sand to minimize labor costs.
  • Batch to batch consistency.

Available In:

  • 36 kg (80 lb) 42 Bags/pallet
  • ~1,360 kg Bulk Bag/pallet