Broadcast Medium (Estes’ Perma-Color Surface Aggregates)

Broadcast Medium (Estes’ Perma-Color Surface Aggregates) – One of North America’s richest deposits of high-quality silica sand in Ottawa, Illinois, is the source material for Perma-Color Surface Aggregates. Pure silica sand is used as the basic mineral because it is an extremely hard, abrasion resistant and a chemically inert mineral. This makes it ideal for use in conditions that can sometimes be severe. Flooring surfaces produced using this silica consistently show greater wear resistance than surfaces filled with other less durable minerals.

Used For:

  • It is ideally suited to any established method of application including trowelling, broadcasting or the new pourable self-leveling formulas. All three grades of sand work well in all application methods.


  • Architectural trades today are demanding a greater variety of new colors and textures for installing in industrial, recreational, institutional and home environments. In keeping with new trends, there are now custom colors and blends that are computer matched to the customer’s specification. Perma-Color Surface Aggregates are available in a wide range of standard colors and sizes, giving an almost unlimited variety of color combinations and textures. A sample of the desired color can be sent to the manufacturer’s laboratory for color analysis. A test sample is returned to the customer for approval before the special color is manufactured. The minimum quantity for custom coloring is 6,000 lbs., with a blending charge added to the standard price.
  • Comes in: Red (9992870) Gray (9992871) White (9992872) Teak (9992873) Camel (9992874) Black (9992876) Buff (9992877) Blue (9992878) Blue/Gray (9992879) Green (9992883) Light Beige (9992884) Chocolate (9992886) Teal (9992869).


  • In an unconsolidated state the density of Perma-Color Surface Aggregates is about 90 lbs/ft³. When calculating the weight of Perma-Color Surface Aggregates needed to cover a given surface area, an easy formula is used: Area to be covered (ft²) X the Desired Thickness (in) X 7.5 = lb required. Example: 1,000 ft² X ¼” X 7.5 = 1,875 lb of product needed.
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Available In:

  • 11.34 kg 80 bags/pallet