Silica Sands

TARGET® Geothermal Sands

TARGET® Geothermal Sands (99932010) are high quality, close graded silica sands which are produced at our Morinville, Alberta, plant in several size grades. Target Products manufactures premium NSF Certified Geothermal Sands that meet all AWWA B100 standards.


  • Target Geothermal Sands are well suited for geothermal grout applications.


  • The raw materials are dried to sterilize the particles before proceeding with the sizing process. With the wide range of screen sizes available in the screening plant, the materials are sized to meet the criteria required in geothermal grout applications. Rigorous quality control testing, during production, assures that the final products meet the requirements of the geothermal industry.

Available In:

  • 22.68 kg (50 lb) 60 Bags/pallet
  • 40 kg (88 lbs) 42 Bags/pallet
  • ~1,750 kg Bulk Bag/pallet

Technical Support:

  • Call our Morinville Branch 1.800.575.0500