DURAMAX™ 9992817 is a manufactured abrasive via world leading technology.  With high compressive strength and high hardness, it is an ideal abrasive.

Uses & Advantages:

  • It is three times stronger than natural garnet so that your compressor’s power is put to full use.
  • DURAMAX can be re-used multiple times.
  • Low dusting rates
  • No free-silica
  • Eco-friendly material, certified by environmental agencie

Physical Properties:

Apparent Density [lb/ft3]: 215 – 225
Loose Bulk Density [lb/ft3]: 144
Hardness [Mohs]: 7.5
Moisture:  0.06%
Total Crystalline Bulk Silica: 0.3%
Particle Shape:  Sub-angular/Angular
Colour:  Black
Corrosiveness:  Duramax is inert

Available in:

  • 25 kg Bags, 40 per pallet and Shrink-wrapped
  • 1,250 kg Bulk Bags: with PE inside liner, packaged one per pallet