TARGET® Frac Sands

TARGET® Frac Sands are used to increase formation permeability and aid extraction of oil and gas from reservoir rocks to the well bore. The frac sand size, shape, and mechanical strength influences the integrity of the newly created fractures, and therefore the flow of oil and gas out of the well. It must be able to withstand high pressures encountered in these reservoirs.

Used For:

  • TARGET® Frac Sands are suitable for both vertical and horizontal well applications.
  • They are thoroughly washed, dried and sized to meet the requirements of the hydraulic fracturing industry.


  • Rigorous quality control testing, during production, assures that the final products meet the specifications of the American Petroleum Institutes recommended practices for frac sand.

Available In:

  • ~1360 kg Bulk Bag 1/pallet

Technical Support:

  • Call our Morinville Branch 1.800.575.0500