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HOLD*BLAST™ (9992264) is a concentrated organic chemistry which is added to water. This biodegradable product does not leave a film or residue to interfere with coating adhesion.

Used For:

  • To prevent flash rust through surface passivation.
  • HOLD*BLAST™ is a cost-effective, environmentally safe, coating friendly additive to prevent flash rusting.


  • As a surface passivator, it chemically changes the active surface of metal to a much less reactive state. Surface corrosion can occur when water wet surfaces react with atmospheric oxygen. This often results in the formation of flash rust, which can be eliminated with the use of HOLD*BLAST™. This product passivates the surface to stop the formation of surface rust for long periods of time, often several days.
  • WET ABRASIVE BLASTING? Just add it to the water.
  • DRY BLASTING? Do a quick pressure wash afterward.
  • ‘Hold the blast’ costs only pennies per square foot.
  • This product does not leave a residue that interferes with coating adhesion.

Available In:

  • 5 Gallon