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TARGET® Machine Base Grout

TARGET® Machine Base Grout (9991106) is a premium quality non-metallic, non-shrink grout designed for use under severe service conditions. The grout consists of a precisely proportioned blend of Portland cement, stable natural aggregates, supplementary cementing materials including silica fume, expansion agents and special water reducing admixtures. The expansion agents are designed to give shrinkage compensation in both the plastic and hardened states, and include a crystal growth material to compensate for drying shrinkage. The grout is formulated to reduce the amount of mixing water required to give flowable mixes. The grout can be placed at dry-pack, plastic, flowable or fluid consistencies as defined in ASTM Standard C1107.

It is suitable for a wide range of cementitious grouting operations – from the most demanding non-shrink precision grouting to routine work

Used For:

  • Pulp and paper machine sole plates.
  • Under heavy machinery which transmits high stress to the grout, including milling machines and printing presses.
  • Base plates of equipment with dynamic loading.
  • Column base plates.
  • General machine base grouting.
  • General grouting where the grout can be exposed to mild or moderate concentrations of many industrial chemicals. If required, the grout can be supplied with sulphate-resistant cement.
  • Most situations where a fluid, sanded grout is needed.
  • Any situation where protection of embedded steel against corrosion is required.
  • Patching or filling blockouts, and general concrete repairs.
  • Installing anchor bolts or tie rods.


  • Can be used at any consistency from dry-pack to flowable.
  • Contains no metallic aggregates, making it suitable for service under wet or wet/dry conditions.
  • Suitable for voids with least dimensions as small as 6mm (0.25 inch).
  • Surface temperatures from below freezing to +150 °C (328 °F) are acceptable after curing as directed.
  • Confinement is not essential – may be placed with exposed surfaces.
  • Conforms to ASTM C1107 Type C expansion, both before and after initial set.


  • 0.014 m³/bag = 72 bags/m³
  • 0.49 ft³/bag = 55 bags/yd³

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 56 bags/pallet