Agricultural Products

TARGET® Poultry Grit

TARGET® Poultry Grit is a screened product manufactured as a non-nutritive, insoluble material for use as a grinding aid. It is a well-graded, light brown product manufactured in Alberta. Foreign material and dust are removed in a high-temperature dryer. Each grade contains natural sub round to sub-angular particles.

Used For:

  • Grit #1 (99932058): for young chickens & ducks.
  • Grit #2 (99932054): for mature chickens, ducks & young turkeys.
  • Grit #3 (99932050): for mature turkeys & young ostriches.
  • Grit #4 (99932330): for emus & mid-size ostriches.
  • Grit #5 (99932332): for mature ostriches.


  • TARGET® Poultry Grit supplements are non-toxic, natural products that are clean, durable and uniformly sized for maximum benefit.

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 56 bags/pallet