Shotcrete, Tunneling & Mining Products


TARGET® SC100D (9991312) is a one-component, pre-packaged, cementitious shotcrete containing silica fume, latex polymer and other admixtures designed to give a high strength, shrinkage compensated shotcrete.

Used For:

  • It is a high-performance shotcrete suitable for new construction and repair applications. Typical uses include vertical and overhead applications to bridges, piers, beams, tunnels, parking structures, water and sewage treatment facilities, pulp and paper process areas, petrochemical process areas, dams and marine structures.


  • A one-component, pre-packaged product.
  • Ultra-low rebound compared to conventional shotcrete.
  • High early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths.
  • Excellent bond strength to properly prepared substrate surfaces.
  • Provides a “breathable” surface; not a vapour barrier.
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance.
  • Low permeability and high sulphate resistance.
  • Excellent barrier to chloride ion diffusion and thus enhanced resistance to corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel.
  • Sticks tenaciously to overhead and vertical surfaces.

Available In:

  • 25 kg (55 lb) 56 bags/pallet