TSA TARGET Shotcrete Accelerator™

free, dry powder accelerator designed for use with shotcrete. It
is also suitable for use as a set accelerator in other Portland
cement products such as concrete mixes and fence post mixes.
Used for:

  • A major use for this product is in accelerated shotcrete for
    mining, tunneling or rock stabilization operations where
    rapid set or high early strength are required for structural
  • Accelerated shotcrete is also used for rapid sealing of water
    seepage through rock, earth or concrete.
  • Production of fast setting concrete using conventional
    portland cement, for example fence post mix.


  • In addition to the advantages of rapid set and high early strength, TSA TARGET
    SHOTCRETE ACCELERATOR is less caustic and less hazardous to personnel than the
    Portland cement products to which it is added.
  • The dry powder form of this product is ideal for dry-process shotcrete applications and
    provides added convenience for transportation, storage and application.
  • TSA TARGET SHOTCRETE ACCELERATOR gives less reduction in ultimate strength
    than most other dry powder accelerators and performs more effectively than most
    accelerators at low temperatures.

Available In:

  • 22.7 kg (50 Ib) plastic bags, or ≈850 to 1000 kg (1875 to 2200 lb) bulk sacks. Other packaging to suit the requirements of
    major projects is available on request.