Golf Course & Sports Field

TARGET® Dry Greens Topdressing Sand

TARGET® Dry Greens Topdressing Sand (99932917) is a new trend in greens maintenance is superior to conventional wet sand in many ways.

Used For:

  • Applications to green: Reduced man-hours and matting in topdressing, allowing for multiple applications. Ability to top dress in cloudy or rain weather.


  • Custom blends available: Target can pre-blend various soil amendments into topdressing before delivery.
  • No stock contamination: Sands come from delivery truck directly into silo then to application equipment without touching the ground.
  • Low impact on putting surface: Minimal or no matting required on standard application of dry for topdressing.
  • Playability is not affected: Sand spreads directly to the crown minimizing playability effect and stoppage of play.

Available In:

  • Bulk Bag
  • Bulk (Pneumatic Tanker)
  • Bulk (in Truck and Transfer)
  • 25 kg (55 lb) 32 bags/pallet (BC)
  • 40 kg (88 lb) 42 bags/pallet (AB)