Filter Media

Walnut Shell Grit (Filter Applications)

Walnut Shell Grit (Filter Applications) (99932811-99932812) can be used to remove suspended solids and organic material from produced water, surface water and river, lake and well water. It treats and removes suspended solids, oily residues, ash and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids in power generation, metal working, and municipal chemical petroleum and petrochemical applications.


  • Non-toxic, filter media, blast-cleaning media.
  • Specific gravity: 1.2 – 1.4.
  • Grain Shape: Angular; multi-faceted.
  • Density: 39 lb/ft³.
  • Hardness (Mohs): 3.
  • Charring Temperature: 243 °C (470 °F).

Available In:

  • 50 lb 60 Bags/pallet
  • 1 mt 1,000 kg Bulk Bag/pallet