Walnut Shell Grit

Walnut Shell Grit (99932811-99932812) is a blast cleaning media for removal of paint, flash, burrs and other flaws in plastic and rubber molding, aluminum and zinc die casting and the electronics industry. It is used as a sand replacement for paint removal, graffiti removal and general cleaning in restoration of buildings, bridges and outdoor statuary. Walnut Shell Grit is used for aircraft engine clean out and for cleaning steam turbines.

Used For:

  • Walnut Shell Grit prevents lost circulation on oil well drilling. Provides a non-skid enhancer in abrasive paints around swimming pools, walkways, dock boards and other areas where a rough surface is required. Serves as a filler prior to burnout – a porosity enhancer for grinding wheels and ceramics. Preserves gel-coat when removing paint from fibreglass boats. Serves as a filtration media in petroleum industry applications. Wide range of surface patterns can be achieved with 7 grades of Walnut Shell Grit (6/12 to 60/100) available.


  • Non-toxic, blast cleaning media.
  • Specific gravity: 1.2 – 1.4.
  • Grain Shape: Angular; multi-faceted.

Available In:

  • 50 lb 60 bags/pallet
  • 1 mt 1,000 kg Bulk Bag 1/pallet

Technical Support:

  • Call our Morinville Branch 1.800.575.0500