TARGET® Supports BC Place – Vancouver, BC

BC Place has been the centerpiece of Vancouver’s Downtown core since June 1983. Since that time it has seen numerous BC Lions football games, Tradeshows, Concert Events and Vancouver Whitecaps games, but it has also been left largely unchanged since it’s opening. Pavco (BC Pavilion Corporation) and our Provincial Government decided it was time for a complete renovation.  The partnership approved the funding envelope for a $365-million upgrade of BC Place, which will include a new retractable roof.

The new roof installation required enormous base plates to support the many towers from which the new roof would be hung. These base plates require full bearing underneath as any sort of movement could cause erratic swaying of the new roof and a possible failure. PCL and Bosa Construction consulted with Jack Torok of Target Products/Quikrete for a grout recommendation. After viewing schematics of the proposed area and a thorough site visit, Jack Torok recommended Target’s Flowcrete with Fume for complete repairs to the area removed when the original roof was taken away and Target’s Portland Expanding Grout for the bearing pad under the base plates. Grouting operations commenced in June 2010 and were completed skilfully by Bosa Construction’s grouting crews. TROW Associates were contracted to conduct the meticulous testing on the selected Target products.

Test results not only confirmed the desired flowability of the product but also showed that the product far exceeded the published data, providing additional reassurance to the contractor, BC Pavilion Corporation and the many future guests of BC Place.

  • BC Place Stadium

  • Flowcrete at top of BC Place

  • Installation of Base Plates at BC Place