Target’s Machine Base Grout – Delta Port, BC

February 2009 and Levelton Consultants were looking at a grout specification for grouting under the crane rails for the new third berth at Delta Port.

They needed a high strength grout that would be subject to heavy cyclical loads as the new cranes would be able to lift larger loads than their other cranes. Though scrutinizing many products, many would not meet the tight specification.

In discussion with Jack Torok of Target Products/Quikrete, TARGET Machine Base Grout was selected but not before under going analysis by various test methods. Throughout April and into May, the tests were analyzed and TARGET Machine Base Grout not only met the requirements but well exceeded them.

Grouting commenced in earnest in late April and was completed by June 2009. From all final testing that was conducted on site, the product performed admirably. Deltaport’s Third Berth opened to much fanfare and business on January 18, 2010.

For further information on this product, TARGET® Machine Base Grout, contact Jack Torok @ 1.800.575.7700