Corn Cob Abrasive

Corn Cob Abrasive (9992340) is the choice when the job calls for softer, less dusty and an environmentally safe abrasive.

Used For:

  • A soft grit abrasive that blast-cleans metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic, masonry, electrical insulators and other materials.


  • Corn cob is cleaner and less dusty than many other abrasives, is non-sparking.
  • Will not damage the gears of operating equipment.
  • Can be used with standard sandblasting equipment.
  • No masking is required.
  • The natural structure of Corn Cob allows the granules to absorb the substance to be removed and help speed up and intensify the cleaning process.

Available In:

  • 40 lb 48 bags/pallet

Technical Support

  • Call our Morinville Branch 1.800.575.0500