Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass is a clean, high quality, close graded, processed, crushed, recycled glass abrasive.

Used For:

  • Suitable for a wide range of uses requiring quality, close graded abrasives.
  • Exceptional for sandblasting, aluminum, steel, concrete and wood.
  • Less than 1% free silica which is a significant factor in situations where the use of silica sandblasting abrasives is not acceptable for environmental or safety reasons.


  • Less embedments than slag and leaves a brighter surface after cleaning.
  • Excellent cutting power on most coatings and rusted surfaces.
  • Bulk density is considerably lighter than slags and silica sands, therefore with Enviro-Grit, there is more volume per kilo.
  • Delays rustback because of the alkalinity of crushed glass.

Available In:

  • ~1,600 kg Bulk Bag 1/pallet
  • 50 lb 63 bags/pallet