Concrete Mixes

TARGET® Stack and Bank

TARGET® Stack and Bank (9991025) is a bagged dry concrete product designed specifically for use in a variety of erosion control and support systems. The product consists of plant-batched, dry-mixed cement, sand, coarse aggregates and admixtures packed in cloth or paper bags. The speed and ease of placement of these bags give an economical system of construction. The dry-mixed concrete in the bags reacts slowly with moisture from pre-wetting and environmental exposure to form a hardened concrete installation. The bags will slowly weather away, leaving an attractive “pillow block” structure.

Used For:

  • Headwalls for bridge abutments, vehicle underpasses and drains.
  • Ramps, retaining walls and loading docks.
  • Small dams for erosion control, reservoirs, irrigation and stock watering.
  • Piers for small bridges and docks.
  • Cradle supports for tanks and pipes.
  • Boat slipways and small sea walls.


  • TARGET® Stack and Bank applications have the advantages over conventional concrete construction of speed of placement and low labor cost, brought about by the elimination of concrete forming, mixing, placing and finishing operations.


  • TARGET® Stack and Bank comes in polywoven 27.22 kg (60 lb) bags with dimensions approximately 100 mm x 330 mm x 560 mm (4″ x 13″ x 22″).

Available In:

  • 60 lb 48 bags/pallet