Target’s 1121 Cable Duct Grout – The William R. Bennett Bridge

The William R Bennett Bridge was constructed to be a centerpiece of the Okanagan’s busy transportation infrastructure. Its workload would consist of greater than 50,000 vehicles daily. With the selection of SNC Lavalin to design, build, finance and operate the new bridge, immense pressure was placed upon the group of the many contractors to complete the bridge on time, on budget and with emphasis on quality construction to allow the new bridge to perform a long time in service.

With this in mind, one of the key components of the design was to have a high-quality Post Tension Cable Duct Grout utilized for grouting in the duct work as well as tendons in each of the precast concrete sections. To qualify the various manufacturers’ grouts that existed in the market place, testing had to be conducted.

After reducing the list to three quality manufacturers, the grout was tested in real world trials. Harris Rebar, in co-operation with Target’s Jack Torok and Richard Atkinson, commenced testing at Vancouver Wharves in North Vancouver. Harris Rebar was responsible for grouting and was therefore responsible for full testing of the final selected grout. Target’s 1121 Cable Duct Grout not only showed superior flowability characteristics, but was the only grout that could completely fill the ducts without leaving any void space as well as fully encapsulating the steel strands it also or showed no sign of bleed water, even under high-pressure grouting.

In the myriad of different products used for the construction of this bridge, the Target Brands included: Target Portland Expanding GroutTarget AquaplugTarget Sacking MixTarget Silica Sand, and Target 1121 Cable Duct Grout. For further information on any of these products, contact Jack Torok @ 1.800.575.7700